About Us

Hi! I'm Lizzie Jones. I began Poshta Design in 2008 as a stationer, illustrator, and product designer for the paper crafting industry. As the industry grew to encompass new techniques, tools, and media I discovered a love for felt crafts and hand sewing. I realized I could use the same tools that I had in my stamping work to explore new creative avenues.

When my daughter, Tilly, was born, I decided I wanted to use my crafting skills to create a beautiful world for our little girl. A world filled with whimsy and special holiday memories. With that in mind, I set out to relaunch Poshta Design by creating practical crafting products that would produce decor, packaging, and other playful holiday notions. 

I hope that you will use the Poshta Design tools to craft your own meaningful gifts and memories. A little holiday cheer can go a long way!