Valentine's Day Treat Pouches Featuring the Flirt Color Story

Good morning, everyone! The Valentine's Day Color Story Collection launched yesterday, so I wanted to pop in this morning with a little inspiration post featuring the Flirt Color Story.

Since this palette was inspired by conversation heart candies, I thought creating a few treat pockets for some extra special people would be fitting. I used the Cozy Cocoa Kit (back in stock later this week) along with a few accessories to put these together.

The pockets all have 2-ply panels on the front and back (making a total of four mug shapes sewn together). To create a pocket, all you have to do is sew two fronts together and two backs together along the top edge before sewing around the perimeter. Is it strictly necessary to use that many layers? No, I just like to use solid inner pieces to hide away any stitching or knots. You could absolutely get away with not doing that by simply sewing through the holes along the top edge as more of a decorative touch rather than a functional bit. Shall we take a closer look?

This first pocket is probably the most involved because I decided I wanted to add the whipped cream layers in there too. So, technically, that back panel is four individual pieces, but it's really not bulky because they only layer together along an edge. Plus, it gives another place to embellish and the whipped cream is a nice background if you're planning to stuff something tallish. I love that the sequins and beads look like playful sprinkles!

I used the Monogram and Inline Monogram Alphabets to add the "XO" and the bottom scalloped bit is from the (now retired) Keepsake Ornaments Kit. It's the band for the Round ornament, I just double cut it with the mug to contour it to the bottom of the mug. You could get a very similar look with any border die or decorative edge die.

On the back, I went ahead and used the Keepsake Dates Die to add the year. That way my Valentine will be able to remember when he received this charming treat pocket. Not that he would ever dare to forget.

Next I've used the Flirt palette to create a softer, more spring-like version of the wreath in the Cozy Cocoa Kit.

I used the Wintergreen thread on the Sunlight mug to really make this treat pocket feel like it could be used for any occasion this spring, be it Valentine's Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or for any reason at all. I embellished with sequins and beads to make the wreath look as if it's blooming. I'm really happy with this and can definitely imagine making more of these for Mother's Day.

I used a contrasting liner to bring the color of the wreath back in again, but also because that way I could conserve my Sunlight felt a little bit.

I used the Monogram and Inline Monogram alphabets on this one again. You could use either of these alphabets independently, but pairing them together makes it easy to place your letters (because the holes are already there to line up).

The last pocket I have to share also features a monogram, but this one quite a bit bolder.

I also used the Keepsake Ornaments Extras Die to create the scalloped window for this mug. The scallops are a perfect place to embellish with beads! They sparkle when they catch the light and I'm sure the recipient of this pocket (a spunky six-year-old) will love it! I also used a contrasting stitch around the window to bring in another color and add some detail. Valentine's Day is a more-is-more holiday as far as I'm concerned.

I also added the year to the back of this pocket. I really do think it adds a nice touch.

I had a lot of fun finding treats to fill these pockets! Candies, pens, mini hand sanitizer or lotion bottles, lip balm, gift cards, jewelry...the list goes on and on!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek at the Flirt Color Story today! I'll make sure to pop back at the end of the week to share even more inspiration, so stay tuned. Have a great day and thank you so much for joining me!


  • Will the cocoa dies ever become available again?

  • Will the cocoa mug kit be availed or are the dies being sold separately

  • Believe it or not, I am just opening my homespun cozy cocoa kit. I did not receive a link for the instructions that go with this kit. Is it possible to get that?

  • Love these too! I already had plans to make more of these in the coming months…I love the four layer tip as my Christmas ones weren’t quite right.

  • Love these!! The idea to use 4 pieces is a great one…especially to make it sturdy enough to hold goodies.

    Lynda Marquez

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