Twinkle Light Pillow & Some Housekeeping

Hi there, everyone! I know it's been a while since I've shared any project or updates, so I thought it was high time. I wanted to start by answering some general questions I've been getting more and more lately. We've been seeing some new faces and it's totally understandable that there might be some lingering questions, so let's get to it (I'm going to do this part in a FAQ style, not to be abrupt, but rather to address as many questions as possible)!

The Cozy Cocoa/Keepsake Ornaments Kit is sold out. When will it be available?
Each of our kits has a one year availability window. After that year, the kit is retired and will not be restocked. It is then replaced by a new kit. Both the Cozy Cocoa and Keepsake Ornaments Kits have retired and are no longer available. The current kits are Gingerbread Village (which retires at the end of June 2023) and All Bundled Up (which retires at the end of September 2023). The current kits will be restocked as regularly as possible until their retirement dates. We have no plans to reintroduce or restock the retired kits.

If the kits retire, why do you still have accessory dies in the store?
Well, because not everyone orders all of the coordinating products at the same time. And some of the accessories can be used independently or with other dies/kits. Will these dies eventually retire? Perhaps. There aren't any specific plans right now, but if that changes we will be sure to give ample notice.

Can I buy the kit die without the rest of the kit?
The kit dies are only available as part of the kit.

Do you have videos for the independent (non-kit) dies? What about the other extras?
With very rare exception, the only videos we produce are the ones that coordinate with the kits. If your chosen die includes video access or an Inspiration Guide or other printed diagram, it will be noted in the item description.

You don't ship to my country. Can I still order?
Contact us at and we'll do our best to accommodate you. We've added several countries this year and are definitely open to adding more!

When is your Christmas delivery cut-off?
We ship almost exclusively via USPS. Domestic orders ship priority and according to the USPS website the last day for priority shipments to be mailed in order to arrive before Christmas is December 19th (that is next Monday). As long as your order is placed by 9am EST on the 19th it will be shipped that day. We will continue to ship up until the 24th, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Are you going to have a Valentine's Day release?
Yes! Keep an eye out the week after Christmas. It's a smaller, "dies only" release, but we think you'll really enjoy it!

I think that covers most of the questions we've had recently. There have been a few sewing related questions too, but I'll go over most of those in a future post. In the meantime, I can finally share this twinkle light pillow I made as a gift (since it has been given)!

I really, really wanted to use these dies to add appliqués to a pillow (this is actually part of a coordinated set). I thought it would be super cute and I was right! They were a little tricky (mostly because you're sewing blindly inside a pillow case), but I have some tips to share that will help make them a bit easier.

I started by sewing all of the bulbs together (without the caps). I added a few clear sequins here and there to some of the bulbs to give them subtle sparkle. Then I sewed a long strand of doubled up white yarn through the seam on a pillow cover. You could certainly sew your own (that would alleviate the sewing blind issue), but that's not my forte, so I went with some premade 12" x 20" cases I found online. I temporarily laid out my yarn in the pattern I liked and then placed the bulb caps underneath to get my spacing set. Then I used teeny, tiny spots of hot glue to secure one side of each cap to the pillow and removed the yarn (just to get it out of the way). This kept them from moving around, while I sewed each bulb in place. The back/inside is a little ugly, but you don't really need to worry about how the back looks. You're just going to stuff it with a pillow anyway.

When all of my twinkle lights were fastened, I strung them with the yarn coming through the seam on the pillow. I twisted as I pulled it through each bulb to give it a realistic string of lights look, before bringing back through another seam in the pillow case. The yarn is mostly held in place by the bulbs, but I did use tiny spots of glue to attach it in some areas, especially around the loops. I also added a few more sequins and beads to add to the sparkle.

I really love these and may even make another set for myself! Well...after the holidays.

Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope to have more to share with you soon! Take care!


  • Lizzie, what an adorable idea!! January is the perfect time to work on Christmas gifts, and this is a perfect idea!!
    I have a personal request for you…as you continue designing dies and/or kits, would you please consider an actual Christmas Tree?? I have many of your dies, but don’t seem to have a tree!!
    Thank you for your fabulous products & ideas! And Happy New Year!

    Kim Evans
  • The light is one of my favorite dies! It’s so cute and quick and easy to use. Your pillow is adorable. Might have to add that to my list of projects I’ll get to some day. Currently working on a strand of blue lights.

  • SWOON!! I LOVE this idea!! 😍

    Larissa Heskett
  • The light bulb string looks very cute on the pillow Lizzie! ♥️

    Vicki A

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