Today Is The Day For Our Autumn Collection!

Good morning, everyone, and welcome back to my Release Day post! Before we get in to the crafty stuff, we have some winners to announce!

We have three winners to congratulate this morning! Our winners were chosen by random number generator from the eligible comment entries.

On Day 1 we have JoAnn P 

On Day 2 we have Laura Corkill

On Day 3 we have Victoria C

Hooray! You have 30 days to contact Customer Service to claim your $50 gift certificate to our store. Our thanks to everyone who stopped by and played along over the past few days!

Now let's get to the project! I've had this idea in mind since the March release, but now seemed like the perfect time to make it a reality.

Can you guess which of our dies I used to create these adorable little pumpkins?

The Basic Egg Die!

I used three, four, and five eggs together to show you the difference between the number of segments.

The Weathered Moss Pumpkin has three segments. To create all three, I just sewed the eggs together vertically (along the longest edge from top to bottom), stopping at the center hole. I did any embellishing before sewing the eggs together.

Here you can see the four-segmented pumpkin in Squash. Next, I stuffed them fairly tight with polyfil. Then I took long strands of embroidery floss and a very long needle to sew through the entire pumpkin (in the center) to create the extra segments. This was more like wrapping than sewing. Just go through the same area, going the same direction each time. Then knot off at the starting point.

I did the largest pumpkin in Sunflower and added a flower from the Harvest Pumpkin: Autumn Floral Details Die. It goes live in just a few hours!

One note about making these: the more segments the larger the hole will be at the top and the bottom where everything comes together. The Weathered Moss didn't have a gap at all. The Squash had a small (maybe 3/8") gap that I covered with a small circle of felt. The Sunflower had a much larger gap (an inch or so) I hot glued a circle of matching felt to cover the gap. Easy fix.

I finished these pumpkins off with real stems (I saved and dried them from my gourds and small pumpkins from last year - yes, I know how that sounds) and leaves from the Harvest Pumpkin Die. If you didn't happen to have a random assortment of dried gourd stems on hand (because who does?!) you could use a small bundle of sticks, a thicker twig, or a stem made from rolled felt.

I am totally loving these and I can't wait to make more! Coming up with new and unexpected uses for my dies is one of my favorite things. I hope you'll give it a try too!

Well, there you have it! Thank you so much for joining us for the last few days of introductions and news. We hope you enjoy shopping today at Noon EDT. We can't wait to see what you create with the new products!


  • Such a great idea! Thank you for these fun projects.

  • Those are so so cute

    Tina Dorrington
  • Oh so cute and I have that die! Yippee something else I can make for the holiday season. I love your creative process! You are so incredibly talented!!!

    Michelle McDaniel
  • You are so creative with stitching dies, Lizzie. You really showcase how versatile they are and how we’re only limited by our imagination. These pumpkins are just the cutest. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start drying and saving my pumpkin stems this year.

    Michelle Sambajon
  • Oh my! These adorable guys were definitely worth the wait. So cute!

    Claudia B

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