Snowflake Mug Coasters

Good morning and happy weekend! I thought I would pop in today to share a set of mug coasters that I made as a Christmas gift this past holiday. I love using the dies in my collection to create home items that are not only pretty, but functional as well. These coasters made with the Cozy Cocoa Kit fit that bill perfectly!

I used Indigo felt and thin sheets of cork to create these coasters. I chose to use two layers of the cork to give them a bit more stability and an extra level of protection.

You could leave the mugs undecorated and they would still be colorful and cute, but I knew I wanted to add a bit of embellishment. I chose to use the snowflake embroidery die (included in the kit) to incorporate a flat design element.

I didn't use beads or sequins as they would make the surface uneven, but you could use a thread or two of metallic floss if you wanted to give the stitching a touch of shimmer.

These turned out even better than I expected and I hope to make another set for our home very soon.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tidbit of inspiration to kick off your weekend. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and I'll see you again soon!


  • I realize that this is retired 😢. I just wanted to find out from anyone if they know where I can search for this adorable retired set- or would anyone have a second hand set to sell? I’m not sure where to search! I’m new to Poshta Design- and I love this!!♥️♥️♥️

  • Is this die/ kit still available for purchase?

    Elizabeth A McKibben
  • Love this idea, I think I will try it using the eggs. Any chance you have a link to where the cork sheets can be ordered?

    Mona Rozycki
  • These are so creative! Can’t wait to try making some!

    Julie Learned
  • Oh, fabulous!!!!

    Miriam Leech

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