Release Update

Good morning, everyone! I want to start by thanking all of you for such an incredible release! We are continually blown away by your support and enthusiasm. We are so grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to do this fulfilling, creative work.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind, but we've regrouped and we have a plan for preorders.

I have opened up a preorder option on the website if you would like to take advantage of that this weekend. The preorder will be available from now until Monday at 8pm Eastern Time. Why preorder instead of wait for more kits to restock in the future? Here are the advantages:

  • You secure your kit. No worrying about keeping an eye on the website or blog to make sure you get your kit before it sells out again.
  • You secure your Color Story. There's nothing worse than waiting four weeks for the dies to arrive only to find out that the Color Story you wanted went out of stock before you could checkout. When you preorder, we get a very clear idea of what we need to reorder and prepare and are less likely to experience shortages.
  • Your kit can be prepared ahead for faster shipping. We'll get your kit assembled so that it's ready and waiting when the dies land resulting in a quicker turnaround.

Does this mean that if you don't preorder, you won't get a kit? No, we are going to use the response from the preorder to inform quantity levels and make sure that the restock order we placed was sufficient. Ideally, we would like to have a supply of the kits still in stock in the store after the preorders are fulfilled. That way, if someone decides to invest in the kit later, they won't be disappointed by a lack of availability.

I am also opening the Snow Globe Messages for preorder. I've never done a die like this before, but I imagine there are several people who would like to buy the two together. The hope is that this preorder should make the process smoother.

You are welcome to purchase whatever you like all at one time, but anything ordered with your preorder will not ship until the kits are ready to go. That will be 4-5 weeks. So if you need Tundra felt right now, don't order with your preorder.

I also wanted to mention that we've gotten a few emails from people who didn't get their automated video access email as they should have. It seems like our automation is glitchy again (technology is great until it isn't, am I right?) so I am going to go through the orders and resend the access as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience!

I'm going to get back to fulfilling orders now. Have a great day, everyone!


  • Hello, will yall come back out with this kit?

    Carley Cisneros
  • I really want this kit. Will it be back in stock? Can I preorder if so?

    Paula Askew
  • The dies that I want to order are listed as sold out. Will you be restocking in November? I want the layered snowflake, letter O and wreath add ons, and the fall leaves.

    Barbie Jo Bonnett
  • Lizzy, will your ornament kit released this year be restocked?

  • I’m so disappointed I missed out on this release. I was on vacation for a week and didn’t return until late last night so I missed out on the pre order option too! Wish it would have lasted longer.

    D. Suzanne Cox

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