More Homespun Holiday: Keepsake Ornaments Kit Inspiration

As promised, I'm back today with more Homespun Holiday: Keepsake Ornaments Kit inspiration! I had so much fun working with this kit. I made twenty completely unique designs and thought up another five or six that I didn't get to. That doesn't even include color variations! Why don't we get started with a traditional palette?

The Classic Yuletide Color Story fits the bill for timeless seasonal style. I love the addition of the gold polka dots! A touch of metallic shine makes these ornaments feel extra special.

I paired the scalloped sash that coordinates with the round ornament with the tri-oval element on this design. I kept the layering behind the openings, alternating the colors to add interest. The sequins and beads bring a touch of texture and sparkle to the design.

The onion ornament features another of the design elements that can be used on the scalloped frame. I've used it here on the body of the ornament instead. I layered the teardrop bits behind the openings and the circle bit on top of the opening, but you could also do the reverse. I love how the white beads stand out against the Red Currant felt!

I used the "holes only" square along with the small diamond to create this deconstructed argyle pattern on the oblong ornament from this set. This small diamond shape is actually nested into the band that coordinates with this ornament shape. Rather than waste that negative, I incorporated stitching holes to make it a useful element. This shape also fits beautifully into the embroidered frame design.

The large diamond on the curvy ornament is actually designed to be a layer for the band I just mentioned. It doesn't have a "holes only" die, but the incorporated holes make it fairly easy to stitch into place even without one. I used the small snowflake embroidery die to add a design before attaching the layer to my ornament. And I have come to really love these little teardrop elements in the kit. They seem to fit beautifully on so many of the ornaments, but especially this one.

Why don't we take a look at the Frost set next? I love cool colors for decorating for the winter season because there's less pressure to hurry and pack things away after the holiday season has come to a close.

I talked so much about the diamond band that coordinates with the oblong ornament, let's take a closer peek.

I used this band without the layering elements, opting instead to leave that space open and embroider the holes instead. The large diamond I shared before matches up with these holes perfectly and can be layered in front of or behind the opening. Points and intersections in these designs make it easy to find places to embellish with beads and sequins.

Here is that center diamond in the frame on the onion ornament. I also used the solid small circles at the bottom tip of this ornament so I could leave off a bead. Instead, I focused my beading on the frame instead, nesting a pale blue bead in the center of each of the frame's loops.

I used the teardrop and oval dies to embellish this curvy ornament. I like how the contrasting stitches really draw your attention to the shapes rather than simply blending in to the felt. This is a great way to incorporate another pop of color.

And finally, I used the scalloped band with the round ornament again, this time with the small snowflake design. There are two sizes of sequins in the kits. I used the smaller size to embellish this band. I really love using repetition to make a small design like this snowflake feel a bit more substantial.

Let's stick with the unconventional color palettes and take a peek at the ornaments I created with the Elegance Color Story.

These bold colors are so vibrant and exciting! I decided to keep this set of ornaments flat instead of stuffed. I wanted to make sure that they would still look great, no matter which style of ornament you preferred. I think it worked out just fine!

We'll start with the curvy ornament this time. I used the dual teardrop and the single teardrop to create this design at the top of the ornament. I love that the smaller die elements give you such freedom to build motifs!

I used all three teardrop elements to create this pattern on the onion ornament. The dual teardrop is in the center flanked by the trios. Then, I used one of the single layers to give the alternating colors effect. It looks complicated, but all it took was a single die cut layered on the center of each of the trios. A nice little shortcut!

I also used the single teardrop to embellish either end of the oblong ornament. The pops of Mixed Berry are so pretty with the Pearl and Vintage Glass. To get the scalloped band, I simply cut a full band with the oblong die a second time to get it trimmed exactly to size.

And on this round ornament you can see the large snowflake embroidered design in all its glory. I've incorporated a small circle die cut for a bright contrast. And you can also see the ends of the snowflake embellished here with sequins. If you prefer a simpler design you could just leave those as regular stitches, but I like the spots of sparkle on the tips of the flake.

Let's round things out with the Merry & Bright Color Story. I admit that this palette finds itself as my favorite more often than the others (though it is ever revolving).

This family of colors includes Cardinal and Peridot to satisfy the itch for red and green at Christmas, but it also brings in Glacier, Dahlia Blossom, and Cascade for a vivid and cheerful twist on tradition.

On this oblong ornament you can see the diamond band completed with the layer behind the opening. I love using contrasting stitching to bring a color in again. Here you can see I've incorporated Cascade in the topper, stitching, and bead at the center of the sequin.

I used contrasting stitching again on the teardrops on the scalloped band of the round ornament. This teardrop and circle design is a favorite of mine and it fits easily on three of the ornament shapes (with or without the band).

The curvy ornament on the other hand, is ideal for some of the other teardrop elements. And while my repetitive elements aren't exactly the same (the center red element is a sequin instead of a bead, after all), the consistent color gives the ornament a cohesive look.

That's the same reason I went with all pink sequins and all green beads on this snowflake. The consistency of the pattern keeps the ornament from being too busy, despite the fact that it's loaded with beads and sequins.

Well, friends, that's all for me for now. I have orders to pack and get shipped so you can get cracking on your ornaments. I hope you enjoy your new kits as much as I enjoyed designing them. See you again soon!


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  • Same as others comments…Your kit is really beautiful and your designs are unique and really attract the eye. I too am wondering if it will restock or was this a limited offering. Congratulations on your success!

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