Mini Scalloped Egg Ornaments

Good morning, everyone! Yes, I'm back already! I had a bit of time to get these ornaments made and I wanted to share them while you would still have a chance to make 'em before Easter (if that's your jam).


I wanted to fill out my little Spring tree and I thought the scalloped egg layer from the Banded Egg Details Die would work well. I really like how this size gives my tree a little variety. I also incorporated the bee from the Gathered Garden Die, leafy branch design from the Botanical Butterfly Details Die, and butterfly from the Petite Butterfly Die.


This tulip ornament is made entirely with the Banded Egg Details Die. I used Satin Slipper felt for the egg itself and Tundra and Pistachio for the flower. I used a full six strands of thread to stitch the stem, but only three strands for everything else. I also added a yellow bead to the center of the flower (this one came from the Flower Farm Color Story) just to jazz things up a bit.

The bee ornament was created by using one of the Botanical Butterfly Detail wings to add a leafy floral branch to the egg. Just because the backing plate is shaped like a wing doesn't mean you can't use the die in other places! Then I added the little bee from the Gathered Garden die. The egg is Glacier, the leaves are Soft Jade, the flowers are Taffy, the bee is a combo of Daffodil, Tundra, and Inkwell. I used three strands everywhere on this ornament except for the tiny antennae on the bee (which I did with one strand). Once again, I used yellow beads to dress up and anchor the flowers. This one might be my favorite.

I also wanted to put a butterfly on one of these ornaments. The butterfly I used yesterday is the fully sewn together style, but this one is just sewn down the center of the body. I added the antennae with the holes only die included in the die set and then added a Midas Touch butterfly with a Pistachio body. I love the shimmer of the metallic polka dots!

I mentioned that I wanted a bit of variety in the sizes of the ornaments on my tree, so here is a comparison of the full-size egg ornaments next to these new little scalloped guys. They look great together and now I know I can get a mix of sizes to switch things up a smidge (but even these smaller ones would fit the Monogram Alphabet/Inline Monogram Alphabet or Accessory Alphabet letters if you wanted to personalize them).

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I'm not totally sure when I'll be back again, but I still have ideas I want to share so stay tuned. Have a great (crafty) weekend!


  • I am a paper crafter. However your creations are gorgeous. Is the stitching done by hand. Do you have any tutorials?

    Debbie Fidler
  • gosh, these are also so cute! Just wondering, do you put stuffing in the felt ornaments as you close them with stitching? Thank you, K

    Kelly Daye
  • gosh, these are also so cute! Just wondering, do you put stuffing in the felt ornaments as you close them with stitching? Thank you, K

    Kelly Daye
  • I’ll add them to the list. Working in an Easter banner right now. Then a butterfly thing for little girl. Then maybe I’ll get to small eggs. So many ideas! So not enough time…

  • These are beautiful. I have not cut felt before using a die and my Cuttlebug. Anything special for cutting?

    Diane Williams

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