Introducing This Year's Line-Up!

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the kick off for the 2021 Poshta Design line up! I know it's been quiet around here for most of the last year, but we're going to do our best to make up for the silence with a fantastic collection of designs to get you excited for holiday crafting. 

I've been getting questions about what's in store and now I finally have answers! Of course there will be a kit, but it's not all alone this year! We're also launching several companion products that will be available individually. Some of the new dies coordinate with the kit, but others stand on their own or can be used with products you may already own!

This year's kit is...

You'll hear more about the kit in the coming days. Today though, we're going to take a peek at the different Color Stories that coordinate with the kit. When you order you'll have your choice of palette to customize your kit to your style and preferences. There are four Color Stories from which to choose, but they will also be available separately (for $50 each) if you just can't pick just one. And, before anyone worries, the Color Stories from last year will still be available indefinitely, but these Color Stories are the options specifically for this current kit. Just think of them as new friends to get to know and enjoy!

Modern Holiday

This Color Story is a fresh and updated twist on red and green. The polka dotted Cardinal felt adds a hint of whimsy, especially when paired with a charming coral pink! Modern Holiday is sure to delight with Tundra, Glacier, Cardinal Dot, Arugula, and the aforementioned Rouge. 

Retro Rainbow

Ok, we know a rainbow generally has more colors, but this palette reminds us of a 70s rainbow so we're rolling with it. These bright and cheerful colors are sure to brighten up your holiday decor, but they also have year-round appeal for creations you can enjoy no matter the season. The Retro Rainbow Color Story includes Cardinal, Peridot, Vintage Glass Dot, Marigold, and Tundra felt.

Candy Cane

This Color Story reminds us of sweet peppermint sticks and sprigs of juniper berries. This palette includes Tundra, Red Currant, Petal Dot, Pea Pod, and Lagoon felt. This palette can be dainty or bold depending how you use it and we are loving that versatility!

Nordic Chic

There is so much to love about a cool palette with a pop of deep red! The Nordic Chic Color Story reminds us of cable knit sweaters, dusky skies, and winterberry bushes dotting the landscape. Cozy up to the Nordic Chic palette and embrace Pewter, Tundra, Dewdrop Dot, Red Currant, and Indigo. 

Each Color Story includes five rolls of 100% wool felt measuring 5"x36." The felt won't pill or lose vibrancy over time. It die cuts beautifully and gives your projects a luxurious feel. You may have noticed the dot patterned felt in each Color Story. Those are all new this year and will also be available separately. We will also have solid rolls of the Petal and Dewdrop colors in the event that you want to coordinate with a solid option.

Also included are six skeins of matching 6-strand cotton thread to take the guesswork out of your creative time.

You also receive a carefully curated assortment of seed beads, bugle beads, and sequins in a handy storage box. The box is durable, but with easy access so you can take your projects on the go without the hassle of juggling plastic baggies full of embellishments. Each color of sequins also comes in two sizes to give you extra versatility with your designs. These Color Stories are designed to make getting creative effortless and joyful!

Because we imagine it can be difficult to truly understand how the new colors compare to the older ones, we went ahead and took a few comparison photos.

First up, we have the reds and darker pinks. From left to right we have Red Currant, Cardinal, Rouge (new!), and Dahlia Blossom.

Next we have lighter pinks and purples. From left to right we have Rich Plum, Mixed Berry, Lavender, Rosewater, and Petal (new!).

How about some blues? From left to right we have Indigo (new!), Blue Ribbon, Lagoon, Tide Pool, Dewdrop (new!), Sea Spray, and Glacier.

In the mood for some greens? From left to right we have Cascade, Vintage Glass, Glacier, Soft Jade, Pea Pod, Peridot, and Arugula.

And last, but not least, let's take a closer look at some of our neutrals. From left to right we have Tundra, Overcast, and Pewter (new!).

So what do you think of the Color Stories? Is there a palette that is immediately drawing you in or are you torn between classic Christmas and an unexpected twist?

We'll be back with introductions to the team tomorrow. Can't wait to see you then!


  • Gorgeous colors and such a fun kit! So excited about this kit!!

    Ann Ito
  • The new Nordic Chic color story is my favorite! And the Rich Plum is beyond gorgeous! Well done!

    Michelle Peckham
  • Yay, Lizzie! I’m so glad that more of your products will be available soon. The sneak peek of the cup of cocoa has my heart pitter-pattering. I love all things coffee/hot cocoa. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I already decided that I’m getting the Modern Holiday and Retro Rainbow first. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering all the new dies, too. I’m being patient, but I’ll be stalking the blog for more details.

    Michelle Sambajon
  • Omg, the colors are amazing, impossible to pick one pallet. I truly hope I’ll be able to get a kit this year!💚

    Claudia Lapos
  • I am SO glad to see that you are back! I have enjoyed working with last year’s kit and can’t wait to see what you have planned for this year.

    Sallie C

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