Introducing the Swoon, Flirt, and Romance Color Stories

Good morning! I hope you're in the mood for a sweet surprise. I know it's been quiet around here since the end of last year, but that's only because we've been working hard behind the scenes planning an exciting year of creativity. We're kicking it off today with an introduction to three new Color Stories to get you ready for Valentine's Day (or any other amorous occasion). These Color Stories will launch on Monday, January 17th at Noon ET.

I'll be sharing some inspiration with these Color Stories in the coming couple of weeks, but today I just want to focus on giving you a closer look at the palettes themselves. So make sure to pop back in if you'd like to see these Color Stories in action!

But in the meantime...let's say hello to Swoon, Flirt, and Romance! These Color Stories stand alone and are not connected to a particular die or kit. Think of them as a fun way to spruce up the dies you may already have in your collection. The Color Stories include five rolls of felt, coordinated thread, and a curated assortment of beads and sequins. Each Color Story will retail for $50.

Swoon is what I would call a quintessential Valentine's Day color palette with just a tiny, peachy-pink twist.

This Color Story includes Petal, the *new* Paloma, Cardinal, the *new* Poolside, and Rouge felt.

I mentioned two new colors, Paloma (the aforementioned peachy-pink that made me smile the moment I saw it)...

...and Poolside (a bright, cheerful blue-green). Those two colors will also be available in individual rolls on Monday as well and they will retail for $6 per roll.

Flirt is a playful palette that reminds me of conversation hearts and the bubbly sweetness of elementary school Valentine's Day parties.

This Color Story includes FIVE new colors! These colors are Wintergreen, Amethyst, Sunlight, Smooch, and Cheeky.

Wintergreen is a light, minty green that will be fabulous throughout Spring. 

Amethyst is a nice, medium purple. I can imagine this being lovely for floral projects.

Sunlight is a beautiful, pale yellow that reminds me of morning sunshine; the soft, warm first rays of sun. I'm so excited to have this color on hand!

Smooch is a vibrant fuchsia that pink lovers will adore! It's fantastic when it's the star of the show, but it also has impact as an accessory.

And Cheeky is a perfect pink. It's not too bright, but it can hold it's own and carry a project. I'm super in love with this pink!

All of these colors will also be available in individual rolls on Monday, retailing for $6 per roll.

Romance is our final Valentine's Day Color Story. This palette is more dreamy and sophisticated than the other two, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!

This Color Story includes Burgundy, Sea Spray, Mixed Berry, Rosewater, and the *new* Satin Slipper felt.

Satin Slipper is a sweet, dainty pink that makes me think of the ballet. It's delicate and oh-so-lovely.

You may be wondering how it compares to Petal, so I took a side-by-side comparison photo. Petal is on the left/bottom and Satin Slipper is on the right/top. Petal is a little warmer in tone. Satin Slipper is more of a traditional "baby pink." The cooler vibe is beautiful with the blue and purpley-pinks in the Romance palette.

I hope you're as excited about these three Color Stories as we are! They will be in the store beginning on Monday, January 17th at Noon ET. The previously released Color Stories will be restocked at the same time. The Cozy Cocoa Kit will be restocked later in the week (we're just waiting on the dies).

Thank you so much for checking in today! I'll be back in a couple of days with some inspiration using the Flirt Color Story. Have a great weekend!


  • Now I want all the colors! I’d love a collection of flower and greenery dies to fill the mugs for spring and summer. I’m so excited to see the collection grow for year round stitching and gifting.

    Mary Koby
  • Gorgeous colors and stories!!! Can’t wait to see what you have planned this year!!

    Miriam Leech
  • Lizzie, these “Color stories” are so sweet and fun! Cannot wait to see your inspiration projects and I cannot wait to meet them in person 😉

    Andreea Raghina
  • Oh my, these are all so pretty! Fabulous addition!

    Michelle Peckham
  • So many pretty colors! They will make beautiful valentine’s crafts.

    Bonnie Bauer

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