Introducing The Spring 2024 Color Line Up & Our Guest Creators

Good morning and welcome to the kickoff for our Spring 2024 release! The new products will be available on our website on Saturday 2/17 at Noon EST. The next few days are jam-packed with exciting reveals that we're so excited to share.

I want to remind you that I will be going live on Instagram this evening at 8pm EST to answer any questions you have about today's new products. Now let's get to the introductions!

Today we're introducing the talented Guest Creators who will be helping showcase the release as well as taking a look at the seasonal Color Story line up for this year and even a couple of dies. So without further ado, let's get into it!



Not only is Lori Craig a genuinely lovely human being, but she is an exceptionally talented crafter as well. I have been a great admirer of her paper crafting work for years and I am so excited to have her sharing her skills with our felt and dies this week. Her coloring is gorgeous, her color combos always seem spot on, and her creativity is inspiring. You're truly in for a treat!


Mary Koby is one of my favorite creators. Honestly, every time I look at her projects I just say "Awww!" She does such enchanting work and she is so creative (did you see how she turned the Classic Evergreen snowman into a witch?!). Her projects are always so thoughtful and beautifully executed. You're going to love what she has to share with you over the coming days!

I can't wait for you to see all of their incredible projects! You're in for a treat this week, friends!

We're going to kick off our festivities today with a look at the new Color Stories we're debuting this year. There are three new palettes that will be available. They will each retail for $53 a piece.


Have you ever seen a truly spectacular sunset, the type that takes your breath away? The sort of sunset in which the horizon glows with vibrant hues of orange and yellow and hints of azure sky peek through stunning purple clouds? The Dreamsicle Color Story is inspired by such a sunset. This Color Story includes Amethyst, Chantilly, Coral Reef, the *new* Marmalade, and the *new* Calypso felt.

I mentioned that this Color Story includes two new colors of felt. Let's start with the Marmalade. This orange is a soft, sherbet-y apricot color perfect for Spring. It really fills a gap in our spectrum.

Here you can see it compared to some of the other oranges and yellows in our line.

From Left: Sunflower, Marmalade, Clementine

We also have Calypso to look forward to as well. This vibrant aqua is darker than Poolside, but in the same color family. It's perfect for when you want something just a little bit bolder.

Here you can see it next to some of our other blues.

From Left: Tide Pool, Calypso, Poolside


In Bloom

Early Spring wildflowers are such a welcome sign of the delightful flora yet to come. The In Bloom Color Story is inspired by violets, lupins, wild geraniums, and trillium peppering the landscape with beautiful color. This palette features the *new* Thistle, Soft Jade, Satin Slipper, Glacier, and Mixed Berry felt.

Thistle is our third new color for this release. This dusty purple is a few shades darker than Pixie. 

Here you can see it compared to some of our other purples.

From Left: Pixie, Thistle, Fig

New Day
There is nothing like a crisp, clear Spring day to clear the cobwebs of a long, gray winter. The sky seems more boldly blue, the air fresher, the flowers and buds more vibrant than ever before. This Color Story embraces that bustling, cheerful energy and celebrates it with this collection of uplifting colors. New Day includes Dewdrop, Sunlight, Rendezvous, Lollipop, and Pistachio felt.

Each Color Story includes five rolls of 100% wool felt measuring 5"x36." The felt won't pill or lose vibrancy over time. It die cuts beautifully and gives your projects a luxurious feel. 

Also included are five skeins of matching 6-strand cotton thread to take the guesswork out of your creative time.

You also receive a carefully curated assortment of seed beads and sequins in a handy storage box. The box is durable, but with easy access so you can take your projects on the go without the hassle of juggling plastic baggies full of embellishments. Each color of sequins also comes in two sizes to give you extra versatility with your designs. These Color Stories are designed to make getting creative effortless and joyful!

Again, the Color Stories retail for $53 each. Also, all of the individual colors I've introduced today will be available as individual rolls for $6.75 each.

You've been very patient and I didn't want to leave you without a few projects today, so we also have a couple of die introductions to make. Ready?

Today the ladies and I are going to be working with a couple of add-on dies. By that I mean, new dies that are designed to work with existing dies to create something original and exciting.

The first die is the Mini Egg Basket Details Die (retails for $16 - coordinates with the Basic Egg Die which retails separately for $12)

This sweet addition to the Basic Egg Collection transforms your eggs into tiny Easter baskets. Use the pinked grass, diminutive egg, and flower fillers to create a charming array of designs.

We also have the Carrot Crop Details Die (retails for $24 - coordinates with the Sewing Kit Essentials: Scissor Keeper available separately for $18) coming this Saturday.


Pair the Carrot Crop Die with the Sewing Staples: Scissor Keeper to create a rainbow of mammoth carrots for all of your Spring decor and gift giving needs. Create stuffed carrots for bunting and ornaments or make treat pouches by leaving the carrots open. You’ll have a bumper crop in no time!

The Guest Creators have some wonderful projects to share with you today!

Lori's carrot bowl fillers are the perfect addition to any Spring decor. The decorative stitching she added to the tops is such a charming touch!


Mary has a whole array of seasonal decor ready to charm you. I love the bow she added to the Mini Egg Basket! 

These ladies are truly amazing and I can't wait for you to see everything they have to share with you today. Be sure to visit them for a closer look at their beautiful projects!

I've been having a wonderful time with these dies too! Let's start today with the Mini Egg Basket Details Die. I used the In Bloom Color Story for these ornaments.

I've really enjoyed making ornaments for our Easter decor over the past few years. Little by little I've added to our collection. I wanted this year's ornaments to coordinate without being too matchy, so they're all cute little baskets, but each is decorated in its own unique way.

Tilly loves seeing her monogram on things. She's learning her alphabet right now, so she keeps walking up to the ornaments hanging in our dining room and declaring that she "sees the T for Tilly!" 

I chose to use the Inline Monogram Alphabet on these ornaments so the letters have an embroidered look (rather than the layered felt look that you get with the Monogram Alphabet). I really love how delicate it is.

The leaves, flowers, and little eggs are all included in this die. I played around with the arrangements on each ornament to add variety.

I used the Keepsake Dates Die to add the "2024" to the back of each ornament. I really love that I can look at the back of the ornaments I've made over the years to see exactly when they were created. These mini baskets are such a wonderful addition to our Spring decor!

I also created a couple of gift pouches with the new Carrot Crop Details Die.

I'm always on the lookout for new and adorable ways to present gift cards and little treats. These pouches fit the bill perfectly! 

Admittedly, I used a fair bit of felt on these (they are four layers thick to be able to seal in the stitching on the both sides and the greenery on the back), but I think it's worth it. They can be regifted indefinitely or the recipient can use them in their own decor once the gift has been given.

I did one "child's" version filled with bubbles, pencils, and a silly straw. I used contrasting thread on the Clementine felt to add the detail stitching and make it stand out a bit more. I also added a generous sprinkling of sequins to amp up the sparkle. The Peridot greenery on this carrot is stitched with just a basic running stitch, keeping things clean and simple.

The "adult" version is filled with a gift card to a favorite store. I flipped over the top piece for a mirrored look. The fact that felt is so forgiving after being die cut (there isn't a "bad" side) really opens up a world of possibilities. I used the same running stitch and sequins to decorate the front (this time made from Monarch felt), but I used some lazy daisy stitches to decorate the Arugula greenery and give it a more realistic feel. I totally just freehanded these stitches, working with the existing holes in the design. I think it turned out cute!

I hope you've enjoyed today's introductions and I hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see what else we have in store! I am positive that there are a few things you won't want to miss!

I want to remind you that I will be going live on Instagram this evening at 8pm EST to answer any questions you have about today's new products.


In the meantime, it wouldn't be a grand debut without a giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know:

Do you fill Easter Baskets? If so, what's your favorite filler? Chocolate? Bubbles? Crayons? That bubble gum that looks like speckled eggs? 

before 7am EST on Saturday (2/17) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday (2/17) morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • I have filled Easter baskets for my kids and now it’s my great joy to do it for my grandkids. I have a new granddaughter – first one. I bought her a crocheted ballerina bunny. I also put bubbles, books, toys. It’s too hot here in Phoenix to put chocolate in the baskets. We do quarters in the eggs instead. Always a big hit.

  • I love to fill baskets. Chocolates, little prize items for the grandkids, jelly beans, and any other things I can find.

    Deb K
  • We fill Easter Baskets for our grandchildren these days. There is always chocolate, jelly beans some small non-candy treat and a &5.00 bill rolled and tied to the basket handle, just like my Mother-in-law did for so many years! You have a beautiful product and web site.

    Catherine M Morris
  • Love the mini Easter baskets! I still fill Easter baskets for my girls in their 20’s. They love chocolate especially the Cadbury eggs!
    I also like to add gift cards for coffee, etc.

    Jana B.
  • We love filling baskets with candy and confetti eggs. ❤️❤️


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