Introducing the Holiday Trimmings Collection

Good morning! Are you ready to see more of the new release? I want to remind you that I will be going live on Instagram this evening at 9pm ET to answer any questions you have about today's new products. That said, we're jumping right in today with the Holiday Trimmings Collection. 


The first die we're introducing is the Festive Wreath Details Die (retails for $24 - coordinates with the Statement Alphabet Letter O Die which retails separately for $20). This Details Die transforms the Statement Alphabet Letter O from a simple vowel into a mini wreath ideal for decking your holiday halls! This die also includes a bow and a small poinsettia that you can use to embellish your petite wreaths.


Next up is the Poinsettia Bloom Die (retails for $24). Elegant poinsettias are a botanical favorite of the holiday season. Their joyful blooms shine in traditional red, fresh white, vibrant pink and even playful speckles! The Poinsettia Bloom die creates blossoms that will stay eternally bright and beautiful. Use these flowers to create seasonal accessories or pair them with the included circle die to make festive floral ornaments.


And finally, we have the Holly Heart Details Die (retails for $18 - coordinates with the Basic Heart Die which retails separately for $17). This very merry Holly Heart Details Die coordinates with the Basic Heart Die to add beautiful scrolls and seasonal foliage to your heart die cuts.

Now that you've gotten a peek, let's see what the Guest Creators have to share with you today.

There is so much to love about Audrey's projects, but I just want to point out how clever it is that she turned the Poinsettia Bloom Die into a glorious snowflake! Make sure to visit her Instagram to see more!


The holiday season can get busy and in those moments simplicity can be our best bet. Janet's poinsettias are clean and simple, but still brimming with style! I love that she created leaves by using a layer of green felt along with her traditional-toned petals. Check out her Instagram to see more of her projects!

I love the classic colors on Julene's Holly Heart Details ornaments! I also appreciate that she used French knots in place of beads to keep things nice and subdued (and add loads of texture). See the rest of her projects over on her Instagram!


Nichol's project certainly had me jumping for joy! I am so charmed by her sequin polka dots, contrasting stitches, beaded wreath, and holly accents. Get a closer look at all of the details over on her Instagram!

I'm so thrilled to finally get to share my projects with you too! Let's start with my Festive Wreath Details projects.

I made a pair of little stuffed wreaths. I used the Heirloom Color Story for these so one wreath is Weathered Moss with a Grove inner layer and the other is Grove with a Weathered Moss inner layer.


On this first wreath, I used the little bow to embellish the top and then sewed on beads and sequins to add a load of sparkle. The other incorporates both the bow and the poinsettias. I used beads to embellish the centers of the flowers and really make them shine.

To create these, I cut three Os to start with (two from one color and one from a contrasting color) and then used the Festive Wreath Details to add the pattern to one of them. I sewed that patterned layer to the contrasting O around the center line using the stitching holes in the pattern as a guide. You could also choose to just sew through the top layer on its own, but I like that it feels a little more secure this way (and I don't have to worry about hiding thread ends).

Then I added my embellishments before I sewed the inner and outer perimeters through all three layers. I stuffed the wreath with Polyfil a little bit at a time as I worked my way around. These are petite, but oh-so-cute! I'm definitely making more of these to use around my house this year.

Next up, I have a couple of projects I made with the Holly Heart Details Die. I used the Festive Flannel Color Story for these.

The first is a little brooch I made with the small heart design. I began by cutting the small heart from Paloma felt using the Basic Heart Die. You need the Basic Heart Die to coordinate with this Details Die. This die does not cut the heart shape, just the holly details.

I used the small heart design in the Holly Heart Details Die to add the stitching holes for the holly sprig before sewing on the leaves. The sequins in the Color Stories are the perfect size for adding berries.

I used a simple pin for the brooch. I pushed it through the back layer before I added stuffing and sewed everything up. This is such a quick, cute accessory that you can whip up to give your outfit a touch of holiday flair.

I paired the larger design with the J and Y from the Statement Alphabet to create a mini banner that I can hang on my vintage sled this year. I love a banner, but they don't all have to be super long or complicated. This little one packs quite a seasonal punch!

I cut the Basic Heart from Cardinal and used Wintergreen and Pine Forest for the leaves. I embroidered the branchy bits first and then sewed on the holly sprig. I cut a Paloma layer for the berries and then, once again, embellished with sequins. A few sparkly beads rounded everything out. I really love how that looks!

I cut the letters from Pine Forest and used chipboard inserts to give them some stability. Once everything was sewn together, I just threaded them onto some twine. It's so cute! Something like this would also be charming strewn across the center of a wreath if you wanted a decoration for your front door (if you do that, keep in mind that threading across the top rather than in the center will help it hang best when there isn't a wall [or sled] behind everything) .

And next we have some Poinsettia Bloom projects.

First I have a set of ornaments made with the Heirloom Color Story. These all have basically the same construction except that I switched up how each flower is actually attached to the circle.

This Red Currant poinsettia is only attached at the circle in the center. The petals are loose and have a bit more dimension than the other two flowers in this set. On each of these ornaments, I also tucked an additional flower layer at the bottom in either Weathered Moss or Grove. The shape is the same as the flowers, but because it's green, it looks like leaves.

The Tundra poinsettia uses the full coverage "holes only" die for placement which means all the individual flower petals are sewn flat. The result is very secure and also easy to hide threads and knots (since they end up completely inside the final ornament). I also embellished each flower center with beads and sequins to get a texture similar to the real thing. 

The Petal poinsettia is a little bit of a hybrid of the two. I used the "holes only" circle to secure the center of the flower and then I used the holes along the center vein of each petal as a guide to stitch just up the middle (so the edges of each petal are loose, but the petals themselves are secure).

I added the date using the Keepsake Dates Die to the back of each ornament before stuffing them and sewing them up. I really love these and can't wait to see them hanging on a Christmas tree!

My last project today is another wearable item. Do you remember the witchy headband I made for Tilly last year? Well now she has a Christmas version to go with it! You could even do these in other colors and I bet it wouldn't be an obvious Christmas project.

I used the Festive Flannel Color Story for this. I cut the flower pieces (four total) out of Cardinal. Then I cut a flower center circle out of Paloma and another out of Pine Forest. I sewed the flowers together in couplets. I embellished the flower center with beads and sequins before stacking all of the pieces and sewing them around a narrow, fabric covered headband.

The sandwich went like this (from top) embellished flower center, flower petal couplet, flower petal couplet (rotated 180º), headband, Pine Forest circle. Since this headband is fairly narrow (maybe 1/4") it was easy to sew around it. You could also just complete a flower and then glue it to a headband as well.

I think it turned out really cute and I can't wait to see her dancing around with her poinsettia headband at Christmas time.

That's all I have to share today, but we will all be back tomorrow with even more inspiration to share so I hope you'll be back!


In the meantime, it's time for today's giveaway question! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know:

What is your favorite seasonal green to decorate with at the holidays? Do you prefer poinsettias? Holly? Mistletoe?

Leave a comment before 7am on October 7th  and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • I love to decorate wit the beautiful light pink and cream colored poinsettia. I also use magnolia leaves as accent.

  • Holly and mistletoe would be my favourites. Red Poinsettias are so elegant and bring the colour pop around the house.

    Andreea R.
  • I love to decorate with Holly in my home as well as in my papercrafting.

    Denise Evans
  • I love poinsettias, and use lots of poinsettia images throughout the house – no real plants, though, due to having a pet that chews on them constantly. Tilly’s poinsettia headband is adorable!

  • I love the look of holly during the winter season!

    Christina Fox

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