Introducing The Hippity Hop and Itty Bitty Basket Dies

Good morning, everyone! We're so happy to hear that you're excited about this new release too! I wanted to respond to a handful of comments or questions I've seen a few times before I jump into today's introductions.

I've noticed a few people asking how many threads I use when stitching. Most often (like 85% of the time) I'm using three strands of thread. More often than not, when I'm doing lazy daisy stitches I'm using a full six strands of thread. Every so often (when doing a ray pattern or something very detailed) I will use 1-2 strands. But the vast majority of the time, I'm using three strands of thread.

I also saw a couple of questions about getting tricky dies to cut. My best tips are 1) to use the official cutting plates produced by the manufacturer of your machine (not a third party magnetic platform or anything like that) AND 2) to use a metal shim if you're still having trouble. I know metal shims are not always preferred for paper crafting, but they help a great deal with more flexible materials like felt and fabric.

Also, you can always write to Customer Service ( with any questions. It may take a day or two to get a response, but I'm doing my best to get to everyone in a timely manner.

Ok! How about we dive into the introductions, eh?

Our first new die today is the Hippity Hop Die (retails for $32). Thanks to the Hippity Hop Die, you can make your very own stuffed Easter Bunny friends. These charming fellas will steal your heart before you’ve even threaded your needle! Create decor or little stuffed friends for every Easter Basket on your list. These bunnies even come with their own mini egg and carrot accessories.

Next up is the Itty Bitty Basket Die (retails for $26). A-tisket, a-tasket, everyone loves a little handmade basket! These charming baskets are perfect for small gifts or as favors on your holiday table. They can even be assembled in a few different ways to give you a multitude of style options. This die also includes a mini bow that you can use to add a fancy detail to your basket. You will receive access to an instructional video with your purchase.

And finally today, we'll be showcasing the new Gathered Garden Die (retails for $16). The flowers in the Gathered Garden die are ideal for when you want a more dimensional flower arrangement for your projects. These blooms are cinched at the center to create 3D blossoms that can be embellished with beads and sequins for fabulous floral designs. This die even includes a little bee to pollinate your posy patch!

Let's check in with our Guest Creators to see what everyone has made with these exciting new dies!

Caren's sweet little treat basket is so delightful! I love the floral and humble bumble appliqués she added to embellish the sides. See her blog post HERE.


Critter friends don't get much sweeter than Heather's bunny. His carrot looks good enough to eat! Visit her blog post HERE!


Larissa's super clever carrot pocket is the perfect home for her little bunny friend! Make sure to visit her blog post HERE and see all the details for yourself.

Now it's time to share what I've done with today's debut dies.

I wanted to make a variety of different baskets to show how many different styles you can achieve with the same die.


I created this rainbow basket using the colors from the Flower Farm Color Story plus Clementine and Tundra. I pinch pleated the sides and bottom before flipping the whole thing inside out and sewing on the handle.

I finished it off with the mini bows hot glued to the sides. Could you sew them on? Sure. But the hot glue works well and doesn't leave any evidence on the inside. There is a little rectangle that you can use to wrap around the center of the bow, but I chose to keep things simple by using a contrasting aqua thread to cinch the center. 

This butterfly basket uses the pinch pleats, but this time I left them facing the outside. I embellished the handle with a Petite Butterfly (more on this tomorrow) cut from Petal Dot and Tundra felt.

I used the Keepsake Dates Die on the bottom of the basket to commemorate the year. These would make beautiful little favors!

The third basket uses overlapped side seams to create a smoother look. I used the Gathered Garden flowers to decorate this basket. To create these flowers you simply sew a running stitch through the holes around the center (just once, no need to go around the holes twice) and then knot the ends together. I like to keep my ends long so I can use them to tie the flowers together or to sew them to my projects.

I assembled the flowers, beads and all, before using that same trusty glue gun to attach them to the basket.

I also had a blast making bunnies, so I now have my own warren. Or Tilly does anyway. She has claimed them. All of them.

These two bunnies show the accessories included with the Hippity Hop Die. I added a little freehand flower embroidery to the chocolate bunny's egg. Stripes would also be really cute! The Cobblestone bunny has a crunchy carrot, complete with green fringe!

Both of those bunnies use the layered feet method for completing the bunny, but you can also do an inlay for another look. Here you can see the inlay version on the Tundra and Overcast Bunny.

This creates a flatter and thinner foot. I used Cheeky felt for the footpads, inner ears, and nose for this bunny.

The Cobblestone bunny's feet have a bit more texture as a result of all the layers. I used Satin Slipper and Toasted Oat to complete this bunny.

I have two more bunnies to share today. On the left is an Overcast, Tundra, and Satin Slipper bunny holding a sweet flower. I used a Gathered Garden flower and a bit of cloth covered floral wire to create his accessory. The other little fella uses Lavender, Lollipop, and Tundra felt. It's when you turn them around that you see the biggest difference between these guys.

Tails! The Overcast bunny uses the tail that is included in the die set. The Lavender bunny uses a mini pom pom made with the Extra Small Pom Pom Maker. I left the tails long and then tied them through the bunny's backside. You'll just want to do a little extra trimming so it doesn't feel too big, but it works out great. Tilly really loves the fluffy tail! 

Well, that's all I have to share with you today. I hope you've enjoyed today's introductions! We'll have even more to share tomorrow, but for now make sure to visit the Guest Creators and show them some appreciation for their hard work!


It's time for today's giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know if you fill Easter baskets for your loved ones before 7am ET on Friday (3/3) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday (3/4) morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • Oh I love the bunny as a chocolate one! How cute! It is adorable as a cottontail rabbit too!

    Kim Burckhard
  • Now that the kids are grown, everyone just gets a Big Chocolate Bunny!

    Miriam Leech
  • Love the adorable bunny and basket. Too cute!

    Julie Bitner
  • Each time you have a release I think I’m going to be able to resist all the glorious felty goodness…and then I see the dies and I know I will not be strong enough to resist!! When my kiddos were younger, we had the best time doing Easter baskets. After church we would come home for lunch and then we’d usually hide the baskets and they’d have to look for them. I treasure those sweet memories!!

    Lynn Mason
  • Hello Mr. Cotton tail! What a sweet release. We do fill Easter baskets for our kiddos.


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