Introducing the Harvest Pumpkin Collection

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our very first Autumn release! We have so many wonderful things to share with you today! All of the new products you're seeing for the next few days will debut on our website on Friday (8/26) at Noon EDT. There is plenty to see today, but let's make a couple of new friends first!

Our first guest creator for this release is Miriam Leech.

Miriam is a lovely lady who seems to be constantly creating. She has been making gorgeous ornaments since we debuted our original kit (she's one of our very first customers!) and I just knew she would do incredible things with our fall lineup. I am so excited to have her joining in the fun for this release and I am absolutely certain you will be blown away everything she'll be sharing on her Instagram with us this week.



Our next guest creator is Wanda Guess.

I've had the pleasure of working with Wanda a fair bit over the last several years. Her projects never cease to make me smile from ear to ear - everything is so perfectly packed with the most delightful details. She is fabulously creative and everything she makes looks like it popped straight out of the pages of a magazine. You're truly in for a treat when you visit her blog to see what she has made to share!

Now let's take a look at two of the new Color Stories that are debuting this week. The first is called Hayride. 

Hayride is a traditional Autumnal palette filled with warm tones that bring to mind changing leaves, crackling bonfires, and crisp days spent searching pumpkin patches. The Hayride Color Story will retail for $53.

This Color Story features five new colors of felt, including Morel, Weathered Moss, Smoked Paprika, Sunflower, and Squash. The collection includes 5"x36" rolls of 100% wool felt, coordinating thread, and a carefully curated assortment of beads and sequins. 

Morel is a wonderful warm mushoomy brown. It's a welcome addition to our neutrals and I think it's going to get a lot of love from me this Autumn.

Weathered Moss is a rich, dark olive. It's warmer than Arugula without getting too drab. I'm smitten, honestly.

Smoked Paprika is a perfect brick red. It has an orange undertone that reminds me of my favorite seasonal spices.

Sunflower is a beautiful golden yellow. It's warmer than our existing yellows and really fills in a hole in our spectrum.

Squash is an earthy orange that is ideal for this time of year. It's warm without being too brown and I am so happy to have it on hand for Fall crafting.

Next up we have Sweater Weather.

Inspired by stacked white pumpkins, porches decorated with potted mums, and pulling out cozy knits for the first wear of the season, Sweater Weather is a unique, dusky palette perfect for Fall.

This Color Story also includes five all new colors of felt; Shortbread, Agave, Desert Rose, Fig, and Russet. The collection includes 5" x 36" rolls of 100% wool felt, coordinating thread, and a carefully curated assortment of beads and sequins. 

Shortbread is an elegant ivory. It's deeper and warmer in tone than Pearl and I just know that you're going to love using it as much as I do.

Agave is the dustier, deeper big brother to Glacier. It still has that blueish-green hue, but it's toned down and a little more sophisticated.

Desert Rose is a very dignified pink. This color is delicate, yet strong. I really think you'll love it.

Fig. Oh, Fig. I'm usually not a big purple person, but this color has my number. It's luscious. It's mysterious. It works so well with everything I've paired with it. Don't underestimate Fig.

And lastly (for today) we have Russet. At first glance this color looks like it might just be a plain-jane brown, but don't be fooled. There are mahogany tones in Russet that cannot be denied. It's a wonderful color.

Here are some comparisons so you can see how these new colors fit into our selection.

From Left: Red Current, Cardinal, Smoked Paprika

From Left: Squash, Monarch, Clementine, Sunflower, Marigold

From Left: Arugula, Peridot, Weathered Moss

From Left: Seaspray, Glacier, Agave, Poolside

From Left: Rich Plum, Fig, Lavender

From Left: Shortbread, Pearl, Tundra

From Left: Morel, Cocoa, Gingersnap, Russet

Now that we've laid the groundwork for what you're going to see today, let's take a peek at some projects! Today Miriam, Wanda and I are sharing projects created with the Harvest Pumpkin Die (retails for $58) and the Harvest Pumpkin: Autumn Floral Details Die (retails for $28).

I wanted to start out by sharing a project using the Harvest Pumpkin Die by itself.

This die includes both the basic pumpkin shape as well as pumpkin segments and a shaped placement die to make adding the segments easy. There are also details like a stem and a leaf so you can gussy up your pumpkins a bit.

This die is also fairly large, creating a finished pumpkin that measures 4 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" wide. This makes for a generously sized pumpkin that can hold its own in a wide array of decor applications.

Speaking of, I decided to use the Harvest Pumpkin to create a decorative runner for a side table in my living room. This project came together so easily and it looks like something I might find in one of my favorite boutiques!

I am using the Sweater Weather Color Story today, so I cut the pumpkin and segments from Agave felt. The stem I cut from Russet and the leaf from Shortbread.

I sewed all of the segments to the pumpkin along the interior lines before sewing around the outer perimeter directly onto a long strip of burlap (use straight pins to help hold your appliqué in place while you stitch). Then I added the stem and leaf and embellished with some sequins (from the Sweater Weather Color Story) along with a button and a twine bow.

I layered the burlap with a piece of muslin that I tore along the edges to give a soft, rustic look. I just sewed the two pieces together along the very back (short) edge to keep the whole thing together (yet still flexible and loose). It's so simple, but I love the way the textures all look together. The layered segments of the pumpkin give so much depth and the embellishments add a touch of shine and sparkle. I'm so excited to have some new decor for my living room this season!

I also wanted to do something to spruce up a large bureau that lives on our second floor landing.

I love this piece of furniture (it was my husband's grandfather's dresser) and I love that I get to see it every day. So I decided to make a pumpkin garland to bring Autumn into this corner of our home. Turns out, the color of the bureau is absolutely glorious with the Sweater Weather palette!

I began by cutting pumpkins from each of the colors in the Color Story. I knew I wanted three of them to incorporate the Harvest Pumpkin: Autumn Floral Details design and the other two to use the flowers, but in a different layout.

That way everything coordinated, but there was enough variety to keep things interesting. For example, on this Desert Rose Pumpkin, I used the Harvest Pumpkin Die with the segments and then free handed a pattern with the Autumn Floral Details flowers and leaves.

The Autumn Floral Details die comes with a printed diagram to help you assemble your floral designs. All those holes can look intimidating when they're all poked out, but the diagram really makes things manageable.

On this Fig pumpkin, I chose to use the Harvest Pumpkin without the segment layers, but I used the detail die to cut the holes for the lines. That way, I was able to achieve the look of the segments with fewer layers.

But, to be perfectly honest, I genuinely love the look of the floral arrangement you get with the Autumn Floral Details die. There is so much dimension!

I strung the pumpkins together using some cream jute twine. It was really easy to just string them through their stems once I was finished with the individual pumpkins. And I know the Sweater Weather palette might seem unconventional, but it really works! I had so much fun working with these colors. I'm definitely going to play with this Color Story again soon!

I hope you've enjoyed today's introductions and I hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see what else we have in store! I am positive that there are a few things you won't want to miss!
In the meantime, it wouldn't be a grand debut without a giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know your favorite way to decorate for Autumn before 7am EDT on Wednesday (8/24) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Friday (8/26) morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • Beautiful!!

    Marlene Davey
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    Julie Yates
  • Love Fall and Pumpkins. These are all absolutely beautiful!

    Gabriele H
  • Lizzie, the new Color Stories are gorgeous, and your banners and runner really spruce things up. For Fall decorating, I love colorful leaves, a variety of pumpkins and my cute set of acorns.

    Kathy Mc
  • The new color stories are gorgeously coordinated! Sunflowers are one of my favorite fall decorations, but we also find a way to sneak pumpkins all over!

    Julie C

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