Introducing the Egg Details Collection

Good morning! We've been quietly planning and preparing behind the scenes and we're finally ready to introduce the newest collection in our seasonal line-up, releasing on Saturday 3/12 at Noon EST (need a time zone converter? We suggest We can't wait to acquaint you with the Egg Details Collection, a charming series of dies that will make creating for Easter an absolute joy. We are also releasing three new Color Stories brimming with embellishments and coordinating felt and thread that will have you whipping together festive projects with ease. Let's get going!


First, I want to mention that the very talented Caly Person is joining me in today's introductions over on her Instagram account.

Caly is a master at impeccably blended inks and eye-catching color combinations. Her cards always jump out at me on the rare occasion that I have a few minutes to scroll online. She is incredibly good at creating projects that are packed with meaningful details while also looking clean and fresh. I am such a fan and I am so grateful that she is sharing a project using the Egg Hunt Color Story with all of us today. Please make sure to head over to her feed and show her some love!

Now let's kick things off with a look at the three Color Stories releasing this weekend. They will each retail for $50 and are available individually.

The first is called Best Dressed. This one was inspired by fancy new outfits one often sees on Easter morning. Everyone always looks so sharp in a new suit or elegant dress, don't you think?

This Color Story includes Satin Slipper, Indigo, Dewdrop, Pea Pod, and the *new* Pixie felt.


As I just mentioned, Pixie is the new kid on the block in this Color Story. Its a cooler purple that's a fair bit lighter than Amethyst. It's a lovely color and I think it's really a missing shade in our spectrum that I'm welcoming wholeheartedly.


You can see it in this comparison photo next to our other purples. The colors (from left) are: Amethyst, Pixie, Lavender, Rosewater, Mixed Berry, and Rich Plum.


Next up, we have Egg Hunt. This palette reminds me of the brightly colored plastic eggs that are used for Easter egg hunts far and wide.


This Color Story includes Poolside, the *new* Daffodil, Cheeky, Soft Jade, and the *new* Clementine felt.


Daffodil is a really pretty yellow reminiscent of the cheerful spring flowers we'll start to see popping up before long in landscaping and at the edges of the forest. It falls between Marigold and Sunlight.


Clementine is another new friend in this palette and our first orange! It's a perky color perfectly suited for spring.


You can see both of these new colors in this comparison photo next to our other yellows. The colors (from left) are: Clementine, Marigold, Daffodil, and Sunlight.


And finally, we have the Dip Dyed Color Story. This pastel palette gives me serious Paas vibes. Were you one of those kids who could wait patiently for your eggs to intensify in color while sitting in the dye? Me neither; hence the pastel.


This Color Story includes Sea Spray, the *new* Pistachio, Sunlight, Rosewater, and Tundra felt.


Pistachio is just a happy color. It's light and crisp, but has enough oomph to stand on its own.


You can see Pistachio here in this comparison photo alongside our other greens. The colors (from left) are: Pine Forest, Arugula, Soft Jade, Wintergreen, Pistachio, Pea Pod, and Peridot.

Well that was a lot of information. How about we move on to a project and I'll give you the details about the Egg Details Collection? I'm using the Best Dressed Color Story on my garland today. I'll be using the other two in the next few days and you can see examples from the Guest Creators too.


Cheerfully decorated eggs are an essential part of any Easter celebration. The Egg Details Collection offers a variety of styles to make your Easter decor extra charming.

Choose from stripes, polka dots, embroidery, filigree layers, and even a scalloped window to showcase monograms or patterned fabric. The dies are all sold individually, giving you the flexibility to add to your personal collection as you wish.

Decorate your home with playful garlands and ornaments or make thoughtful cards and custom tags for your loved ones' Easter baskets using this sweet die series.

The Basic Egg Die is where it all begins. This egg measures in at 4" tall by nearly 2 7/8" wide, making it the perfect size for adding the year to your projects with our Keepsake Dates Die (please ignore the blurry mess that is my kitchen island).

Included with this die is an Inspiration Guide that gives you a helping hand seeing how all of the other dies in the collection coordinate. Even if you only want to add one or two of the accessory dies, you'll have a handy reference for the future.

The Basic Egg Die retails for $12.

Now that we've covered the Basics, let's get down to Details.

The Embroidered Egg Details Die is absolutely perfect for when you want to add a lot of dramatic stitching to a project, but you don't want to have to draw it out on your own.

This die is comprised of a full egg pattern and a delicate band for a pair of beautiful stitched options.

The Embroidered Egg Details Die will retail for $15.

The Filigree Egg Details Die can be fancy or fresh, simple or sensational.

The layers and optional design elements in this die can take your Basic Egg Die and make her say "I'm fabulous."

With both straight edge and scalloped layers, an optional peek-a-boo medallion, and a sequin layering circle, you can achieve a variety of styles that will keep your projects feeling new with every use.

The Filigree Egg Details Die will retail for $32.

Polka dots are one of the most fun ways to add color and pattern to a project. They're cheerful, dare one say...jaunty...and you can't help but smile at their inherent cheek. The Polka Dot Egg Details Die makes creating polka dotted eggs a snap. The die includes individual dots for all of the spaces in the pattern so you can cut all of the spots in one single pass.

The Polka Dot Egg Details Die will retail for $15.

Stripes are a classic pattern for decorated eggs. The bands of color, whether pastel or bold and bright, simply scream "Easter Egg Hunt." Give your eggs that quintessential vibe with the Stripe Egg Details Die.

This die features three stripes that can be cut from paper, fabric, felt and more to dress up your Basic Egg die cut shapes. 

The Stripe Egg Details Die will retail for $20.

There is also an Egg Window Details Die that I don't have included in my project today, but Caly has used so make sure to visit her to see it in action. The Egg Window Details Die is the perfect way to feature a monogram or showcase a pattern on your Basic Egg projects. This die includes a window opening die and a layer die that will fill in the opening. The scallops are also the perfect place to embellish your projects with sequins or beads for added sparkle.

The Egg Window Details Die will retail for $15.

Some important things to note:

The Details dies do not cut the egg shape. They only add the pattern to the Basic Egg Die.

Each Details die includes a "holes only" die with a backing plate that is shaped to fit the egg for easy placement.

Some of the backing plates are full coverage (like the Stripe and Polka Dot) while others (like the Embroidered band) are partial. You'll be able to see on the individual product pages which are which, but I wanted you to have a visual ahead of release day.


In the meantime, it wouldn't be a grand debut without a giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what you think of the new lineup before 7am EST on March 11th and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday (3/12) morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!

*The giveaway is now closed and winners will be announced at 9am on a Release Day blog post.*


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