Introducing The Color Story Collection

Good morning! Today's announcement is all about color! When I started thinking about this kit and what I wanted it to ultimately look like, I decided that it really wouldn't be complete without a curated collection of felt and embellishments. But how could I settle on just one color palette when there are so many gorgeous directions to go?

So rather than nail down one singular palette, I carefully gathered five Color Stories from which to choose. When you order a kit, you have your choice of Color Story to truly customize the kit to your style and preferences. In love with multiple Color Stories? No problem at all! The Color Stories will also be available separately for $50 each so you can pick up additional palettes if multiple options appeal to you.

Without further ado, I give you the Color Story Collection:

Classic Yuletide

No two colors sing "Christmas" quite like red and green! The Classic Yuletide Color Story embraces the tradition of the Christmas season with Red Currant, Pine Forest, Midas Touch, Burgundy, and Soft Jade.


Jewel tones are such a unique and unexpected way to celebrate the holiday season, but their vivid richness adds so much to your seasonal decor! The Elegance Color Story brings an air of sophistication with Mixed Berry, Lagoon, Vintage Glass, Pearl, and Arugula. 


Icicles glitter from the eaves. Flurries dance across the sky. Winter has arrived and it is gorgeous! The Frost Color Story makes the Christmas season stylishly cool with Sea Spray, Tundra, Overcast, Tide Pool, and Blue Ribbon.

Merry & Bright

Add a little unexpected flair to your ornaments with this retro-inspired theme! The Merry & Bright Color Story gives Christmas tradition a twist with Cardinal, Glacier, Dahlia Blossom, Cascade, and Peridot. 


Revel in the whimsy of frolicking fairies with this unexpected holiday color palette! The Sugarplum Color Story pays tribute to a classic Christmas tradition with Tundra, Pea Pod, Lavender, Rosewater, and Rich Plum.

Each Color Story includes five rolls of 100% wool felt measuring 5"x36." The felt won't pill or lose vibrancy over time. It die cuts beautifully and gives your projects a luxurious feel. Also included are five skeins of matching 6-strand cotton thread to take the guesswork out of your creative time.

You also receive a carefully curated assortment of beads and sequins in a handy storage box. The box is durable, but with easy access so you can take your projects on the go without the hassle of juggling plastic baggies full of embellishments. Each color of sequins also comes in two sizes to give you extra versatility with your ornament designs. These Color Stories are designed to make getting creative effortless and joyful!

So what do you think of the Color Stories? Is there a palette that is immediately drawing you in or are you torn between classic Christmas and an unexpected twist? Let me know in the comments and I'll see you back here tomorrow for the big reveal!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • All of the kits are stunning. I’m very proud of Liz.

  • Every year I make my three grandsons a stitched Christmas ornament so that they will each have a handstitched treasure from Grandma to hang on their own tree in years to come. I love these ornaments in all the different colors and look forward to stitching each and every one. Thank you for the wonderful examples!

    Debbie Fisher

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