Introducing The Christmas Greens Collection

Good morning, everyone! I'm so glad to hear you're as excited as we are about the new kit! It has been a joy to use and I just know you're going to love it as soon as you get creating with it too.

But the new Homespun Holiday kit isn't the only new release coming your way! We're also thrilled to announce our new Christmas Greens Collection! This collection includes three separate tree shapes that you can use to create your own winter wonderland. Let's take a closer look!

The first of the Christmas Greens trees is the Classic Evergreen (retails for $38)There is nothing more iconic during the winter holidays than a classic Christmas tree. Decorate your evergreens with elegant embroidered boughs or radiant beaded garlands using the included detail dies. You can create single-layer Evergreens or use the optional layers to add variety to your trees.

Next up is the Pencil Pine (retails for $32). This Christmas tree die features an elegant tall and narrow style. Trim your tree with a lighthearted looped garland or simple Scandinavian pattern using the two embroidered design options. Or incorporate unique fabrics using the layer dies for even more interest and texture.

And last (but certainly not least) is the Scalloped Spruce (retails for $26). This whimsical Christmas tree includes scalloped segments to give your evergreens a playful edge. The draped garland and scalloped embroidery designs included in this die bring interest to these charming trees.

Now that you've gotten a peek, let's see what the Guest Creators have to share with you today!

Remember what I said about Marisa approaching her projects with unexpected creative flair? Well this tree is a perfect example! By mixing and matching the trunk and a few decorative elements, she created something totally unique and fabulous. See more of her projects HERE.


I love how the bright white stitching pops off of that Pine Forest background! Mary's ornaments have such a classic flair. Make sure to visit her HERE to get a closer look!

Miriam's whimsical pink tree immediately made me think of the trees in the lot from A Charlie Brown Christmas. She has made some truly spectacular gift toppers that you don't want to miss! Check them out HERE.

I've been busy playing with these dies, too, and I practically have a whole forest at my fingertips now! How about we start with the Classic Evergreen die.

I sort of did these tree ornaments in loose sets. The colors of this set are Katydid, Pistachio, Sprout, Tundra, Red Currant, Midas Touch, and a little bit of Truffle (you'll hear more about that tomorrow).

This tree features a single layer front and an embroidered tinsel design. Each set of trees includes two embroidery designs. One of the designs can be used on all three sections of the tree to create a layered project while the other is better suited for use on the large tree itself. I chose to embroider with two strands of white floss and one strand of metallic gold floss so this tree has a bit of added sparkle. Then I used white sequins and pale gold beads (from the Classic Yuletide Color Story) to embellish the embroidery. I topped it off with a Midas Touch star that I secured with a couple of small stitches. The stars in this collection do not have holes, so you can stitch them on freehand or glue them on depending on which suits you best.

The next tree showcases the other embroidery design included in this die. I used the new Katydid felt and I just love how bright and cheerful this looks! I embellished with red beads from the Jolly Holiday Color Story. The holes on the backing plate are spaced so you can use the same plate for all three triangles. Simply line up the top point, center the die on the shape, and cut. Easy!

The final tree is layered, but I just used the two larger layers which gave me space to add a monogram. I added the embroidery holes to the largest tree section, but I only stitched the bottom area. There was no reason to stitch the rest of the design since the other holes were going to be covered. I added the initial using the Monogram Alphabet die to personalize things a bit. I also added a Midas Touch star and some gold beads (from Classic Yuletide) to dress things up a bit more.

On the back, I added the year using the Keepsake Dates Die. I also stuffed this ornament with Polyfil. The other two were filled with chipboard and quilt batting to give them a bit of dimension while keeping them fairly flat.

Next we have the Pencil Pine ornaments!

I don't know about you, but I love a pencil tree. I have a few Christmas trees in my house during the holiday season (cough...eight...cough...ahem) and more than a few of them are pencil trees. You could say I have a soft spot for the tall and slender variety. This set are Tundra, Peridot, Arugula, Cardinal, and a bit of Cocoa and Walnut.

This looped garland design is the "works on all three pieces" embroidery design for this tree. It's just so darn playful! I went the simple route with these three ornaments and just embellished with red beads.

This Scandinavian style is one that I love so much! I opted for beads and sequins from the Jolly Holiday Color Story for this one. And how fun is that 9-pointed star?! I opted for a trunk and stuffing for this ornament too. My best tip for getting into the point of the tree while you're stuffing it is to use small amounts at a time and employ a narrow tool to help you get into the narrowest areas (I like a bamboo kabob skewer).

My last Pencil Pine tree is this colorful number. I cannot tell you how giddy this one makes me. A white tree with multicolored garland is apparently the way to my heart. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to start planning Christmas tree number nine. So fun!

And now for my Scalloped Spruce ornaments. Ooh! I had fun with the sparkle on these.

This set has a Pine Forest, Soft Jade, Wintergreen, Midas Touch, Red Currant, Cocoa, Truffle palette going on.

This first one brings in the sparkle by way of the printed Midas Touch felt. That shiny metallic brings plenty of interest to the middle section of this tree. A little pop of sparkle on the Red Currant star certainly doesn't hurt either.

This scalloped pattern is the "all layers" embroidery design. I went with an ombre color palette for this tree and then I went to town with the gold beads and sequins (from the Classic Yuletide Color Story). I topped it with a Tundra star and white sequin.

This final tree features the zig-zag garland embroidery pattern included in the Scalloped Spruce Die. I chose to use a chain stitch to give the garland a more decorative look and I absolutely love the way it looks! I embellished with sequins and beads from the Classic Yuletide bead kit an added a Truffle trunk.

I'm so excited about these trees and I hope you are too! That's all I have to share with you today, but we'll all be back tomorrow with one last day of introductions. Please make sure to visit the Guest Creators and tell them how much you appreciate their creativity!

In the meantime, it's time for today's giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know 

Do you prefer a real tree or a faux tree for your holiday decor?

before 7am ET on Saturday (7/1) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • Oh, these are so cute! I prefer a artificial because I want to have it up so early!

    Becky halfhill
  • Have only ever had one real tree and it was a dried out disaster. My tree is up for 2 1/2 months (yes, I’m one of those people) so it’s artificial all the way. :) These lovely trees are gorgeous and I can’t wait to start making some.

    Laura A Corkill
  • We go with artificial trees. I feel it’s less mess and I’m too afraid a real one would dry out and catch fire.

    Kim Swenson
  • Nothing but a real tree – and picking it out in person is a favorite family tradition!

    Kelly Brakewood
  • When we were raising our children we only had real trees. Now that we are empty nesters a small artificial, that looks real, works well. I always buy a real wreath to hang to bring in the pine scent.


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