Introducing The 2022 Holiday Release Guest Creators & The Color Story Line Up

Good morning and welcome to the kick off for our 2022 Holiday release (all of the new products will be available on Saturday, October 1st at Noon EDT)! There's a lot to go over today, but first I want to give a warm welcome to the ladies who will be helping me showcase this year's new products. They're all incredibly talented and I am so grateful to have them on the team this time around.


 Chari Moss is one of those designers whose projects very simply make me smile every time I see them. Her use of glitter alone brings on a cheshire grin. She's so thoughtful and her little details bring everything she touches to life. You are in for a treat with her projects this week, friends. Just you wait!


I am so thrilled that Dana Joy is back with us for this year's holiday release! I was so tickled with what she shared during our Spring release, that I couldn't wait to have her back creating with us again! Dana has been taking a little time away from crafting recently to take care of her health, but I am so grateful that she'll be popping in with us a couple of times this week to share her gorgeous work.


I have been a fan of Dana Kirby for many, many years. She has a wonderful eye for design and an amazing ability to draw your attention with her beautiful work. Everywhere you look there are unexpected details that both delight and impress. If you weren't already, you'll be just as big a fan of Dana as I am in no time!


Shara Crane is back with us again for this year's holiday release! So many of you fell in love with her use of bold color and unique stitches last year. I was so excited when she agreed to come back for a second year! She has an incredible way of using even the tiniest scraps to embellish and accent her designs, creating projects that are truly awe inspiring. She's sure to knock your socks off for a second straight year!

I can't wait for all of you to see the amazing projects these ladies have created this week. I'm sure you'll all be as blown away as I have been!

I thought it might be fun to kick off today with a look at the new Color Stories we're debuting this year. There are four new palettes that will be available either independently or as part of this year's big holiday kit. Individually they will each retail for $53 a piece.

Cookie Party
No holiday season would be complete without a Cookie Party and this Color Story has you covered. Inspired by the sprinkles and confections we all love so much during times of celebration, this Color Story includes Lagoon, the *new* Lollipop, Cardinal, Soft Jade, and Vintage Glass felt.

I mentioned that this Color Story includes the new Lollipop felt. Lollipop is a cool pink that acts as a nice, candy-hued bridge to some of the pinker purples in our spectrum. It's not quite as warm as Petal and Satin Slipper and I feel like it fills a subtle void. 

Here you can see it compared to Rosewater and Satin Slipper.

From Left: Rosewater, Lollipop, Satin Slipper

Holly Hill

There is a special place at an arboretum nearby that our family loves called Holly Hill. We visit this gorgeous grove of holly bushes, trees, and shrubs all throughout the winter season, reveling in each varietal as they ripen and change and come to life with bursts of color. The Holly Hill Color Story is a celebration of that place we hold so dear. This Color Story includes Paloma, the *new* Ripe Raspberry, Red Currant, Arugula, and the *new* Sprout felt.

Ripe Raspberry is a deep, luscious pink that compliments our other reds nicely. I really think you'll love it for the holiday season and even into Valentine's Day! It's almost more of a "light red" than a "pink."

Here you can see it next to Cardinal and Rouge.

From Left: Cardinal, Ripe Raspberry, Rouge

We also have Sprout in this Color Story. This is a beautiful, delicate, barely-there green that is simply gorgeous. It's perfect for when you want soft color that won't compete for attention in your project. I am truly thrilled to have this in our lineup.

It can be really difficult to capture this color in a photo, but here it is next to Wintergreen and Tundra to give you a comparison.

From Left: Wintergreen, Sprout, Tundra

Rustic Cabin

Rustic Cabin embraces the warmth and coziness of a secluded bungalow at the holidays. These colors bring to mind warm wool blankets on chilly evenings, cranberry garlands draped among evergreen boughs, and the gentle glow of a crackling fire. This Color Story includes Pearl, Indigo, the *new* Toasted Oat, Red Currant, and Weathered Moss felt.

Our final new color for this release is Toasted Oat! Similar to Overcast and Pewter, this felt has a variegated, heather appearance - only this time in tan. It's a lovely neutral and I am really looking forward to having a warmer alternative to our heather grays.

Here you can see it with Cocoa and Morel.

From Left: Cocoa, Toasted Oat, Morel

Ski Lodge

Imagine yourself crafting in a chic chateau, surrounded by crisp Alpine air, sipping a hot toddy, and gazing over beautiful rocky terrain covered in a blanket of glistening snow. How’s that for inspiration?! This Color Story includes Sea Spray, Cardinal, Pistachio, Pine Forest, and Overcast felt.

Each Color Story includes five rolls of 100% wool felt measuring 5"x36." The felt won't pill or lose vibrancy over time. It die cuts beautifully and gives your projects a luxurious feel. 

Also included are five skeins of matching 6-strand cotton thread to take the guesswork out of your creative time.

You also receive a carefully curated assortment of seed beads and sequins in a handy storage box. The box is durable, but with easy access so you can take your projects on the go without the hassle of juggling plastic baggies full of embellishments. Each color of sequins also comes in two sizes to give you extra versatility with your designs. These Color Stories are designed to make getting creative effortless and joyful!

Again, the Color Stories retail for $53 each. Also, all of the individual colors I've introduced today will be available as individual rolls for $6.75 each.

Now, we could just leave it at that, but we're comin' in hot with a new stand-alone die today too! Introducing the Pocket Tag Die (retails for $25)!

This versatile tag die can be simple or spectacular (but always chic) depending on your mood! Incorporate the scalloped pocket for the perfect gift card accessory or keep things simple with a flat design featuring an embroidered message. Ideal for use with both cardstock and felt, these tags are sure to be a hit with everyone around your tree! The Pocket Tag Die includes an Inspiration Guide for handy reference.

Check out Chari Moss's tag over on her blog HERE! Just look at that blanket stitch!


Dana Kirby used her tag with cardstock over on her blog HERE!


Dana got creative with her scalloped edge for a super fun alternative that makes a bold statement! Check it out HERE!


Shara's thoughtful little details make her design so special. Check out her tag on her Instagram HERE!

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things and I had a ton of fun creating with the Pocket Tag Die. I love that you can use it so many different ways. Let's take a closer look!

I made this first trio of tags using the new Holly Hill Color Story.

The monogrammed tag there in the front is Tilly's new Santa tag. I'll tie that onto whatever her Santa gift is each year. Because it's made of felt I don't have to worry that it's going to get ragged after several years of use. I used the Accessory Alphabet to add the "to" and beads for the colon. The Monogram Alphabet was perfect for adding her first initial.

On the back I used the "Ho ho ho" from the Cocoa Messages Die to really drive home the whole Santa angle. I used a cardstock tag in between the layers of felt to give the tag a little stability. Just cut inside the stitching holes for a perfectly shaped insert. Rather than stitch a solid line around the outside, I opted to only stitch around once, leaving a cute border. I love how this one came out!

The next tag I sewed was the snowflake pocket tag. I want to be really clear, this snowflake is actually from the kit that you'll see later this week. It just happens to fit beautifully on the tag. I don't want anyone to be confused.

I went with the optional scalloped border to dress up the pocket. I also used two pocket pieces to sandwich all of the tied off ends from the snowflake and beads. The result is a pocket that's totally smooth on the inside. It's not strictly necessary, but it gives a nice finished appearance on the inside of the pocket. To do this, simply sew the top edge first and then sew the perimeter as normal.

Next, I have a simpler pocket tag that uses the "for you" greeting that is included with the tag. This clean design came together so easily, but it still feels special.

These last two tags incorporate just a hint of pattern by using polka dot felt to create some interest.

For this double pocket tag, I simply cut the pocket a second time by lining up the cutting holes and just cutting that very top edge (rather than the whole panel). The polka dot just peeks out! The second pocket could be used for a small treat or gift item. 

The "For You" tag uses little pops of color to add interest along with the polka dots. I love seeing that hint of scalloped green peeking out from behind the pocket edge!

I hope you've enjoyed today's introductions and I hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see what else we have in store! I am positive that there are a few things you won't want to miss!

In the meantime, it wouldn't be a grand debut without a giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know if you enjoy wrapping gifts before 7am EDT on Wednesday (9/28) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a $50 credit to our store! The winner will be announced on Saturday (10/1) morning's post at 9am. The winner has 30 days to contact Customer Service ( and claim their prize. Good luck and we'll see you tomorrow for even more inspiration!


  • Can you tell which die cutting machine your patterns work with?

  • I love wrapping gifts! I especially love this tag for gift cards! Perfect for teacher gifts and teenagers!

    Leah Hearnsberger
  • I love giving gifts in handmade packages. The gift tags are perfect for cash and/or gift cards! I need this!

    Bonnie Fant
  • These gift tags are so fun! I also love the new felt colors. :)

    Terrie D. (StarSpry)
  • Another amazing idea – GIFT TAGS! These are all so adorable and I love all of the wonderful ideas shared by the guest creators!

    Kim G

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