Introducing Homespun Holiday Stitching Kits

It feels like I've been working toward today's announcement for an eternity. It has been months of effort and planning and I am so excited to finally be able to share!

When our daughter, Tilly, was born, I threw myself into her care with purpose and enthusiasm. And as much as I love her, the frustration of feeding obstacles and the isolation of new parenthood slowly started taking a toll. I realized how much I relied on creativity for giving me a positive focus and a sense of community, of connection. Without it, I struggled.

So, rather than allow myself to get swallowed by looming mommy guilt and loneliness, I decided to find a more constructive path forward. I thought about all of the things I wanted for Tilly. I wanted to give her a sweet childhood full of whimsy and magic and special moments. I wanted her to have traditions and heirlooms. I wanted her to be surrounded by love. And I knew for sure that I could create bits of that charmed childhood with my own two hands.

With all of that in mind, I decided to jump back into product design with both feet. I knew I could design tools that would make it easier to create that whimsy I wanted for our girl. In doing so, I could help others create that same special feeling for the people they love, too. My heart started singing again.

I could also start crafting again; a pastime I desperately missed. You see, those feeding issues and difficulties in our daily routine meant that I hadn't seen the inside of my studio since before Tilly was born. Stitching projects are so much more portable for me than the paper crafting I have always loved. I can bring these projects with me so I can enjoy the company of the people I adore while stretching my creative muscles again. It's truly fulfilling and it brings so much joy!

So here's the plan. A few times a year, I am going to release a new Homespun Holiday Stitching Kit. Intermittently, there will be stand alone dies introduced as well. The debut kit features a quartet of Christmas ornaments inspired by my own collection of new and vintage mercury glass ornaments. I don't know about you, but I treasure the Christmas season and I feel like this year I really need a little extra holiday cheer. 2020 is has been tough, regardless of whether you've been muddling through postpartum nonsense. I can't wait for you to see this kit in action!

Over the next few days I am going to share more information and a few sneak peeks along the way. Thank you for joining me on this new creative venture. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support. I hope you'll check back in tomorrow for more!


  • What a lovely set of dies! It is beautiful. It was sold out before I could order but I LOVE them and can’t wait for the next set.

  • I tried my hand at stitching dies for the very first time last Christmas. I made a little bear from EH. I fell in love. I was trying to find more dies for this year and was unlucky. But you must have heard my prayer.

    Marci Snee
  • I am excited about this! My little girl loves other stitching dies, so while you may be designing for bringing magic to your daughter’s world, you very well might be giving mine the chance to make her own magic.

  • So very excited to hear about your latest venture! As much as I love stamping and scrap booking,I have never enjoyed sewing which is funny because I love fabric. The PTI stitching dies were so cute that I went ahead and bought a few of them,and it turns out that I was doing the wrong kind of sewing! I so enjoyed making such sweet little projects and giving them away. I can already tell from the sneak peaks that I am going to adore your new line and it’s going to bring me so much joy. Thank you!!!

    Isabel Z
  • This is fun news! I can’t wait to see more! Little people do take a lot of care. I’m often in your shoes too, feeling like a dry soul because no time to create. I pray a lot and try and remind myself I don’t have my kids for long. It sounds like you’ve found a beautiful way to balance both needs and I’m excited for you!


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