Get Your All Bundled Up Kit Before It Retires!

Good morning, everyone! I wanted to pop in today with a little news and a reminder (and a project - yay).

You may have noticed that the Cookie Party Color Story has been hard to come by since just after its release last year. Well, the pink beads were discontinued and despite a global search (I'm not exaggerating - I wish I were) I have given up on finding them anywhere. So after perusing alternatives, I've chosen a replacement.

Here you can see the original pink beads (on the right) and the new pink beads (on the left). The new version is color-lined rather than solid and has a bit of an iridescent shine. I think they fit into Cookie Party nicely. This Color Story is available now both within the All Bundled Up Kit or on its own.

To celebrate the return of the Cookie Party Color Story, I decided to revisit the Homespun Holiday: All Bundled Up Kit. This kit retires at the end of this month and we only have a limited number on hand, so make sure to get yours while it's still available!

I made a set of winter hats using Cookie Party + Tundra. I love that pop of white, don't you? It really helps the rest of the colors sing.

This striped hat has a Cardinal base, Soft Jade cuff and pom pom, and Tundra stripes. I also used aqua thread to stitch the chevron stripe and clear beads to add some sparkle. The tree label on the cuff is one of my favorite parts of this kit. I love the little details you can add with all of the elements included in the die.

The next hat is a Lagoon base with Tundra cuff and Vintage Glass felt button. I used the tree embroidery design on this hat and then topped it with a yarn pom pom (I used the Extra Small Pom Pom Maker). These pom poms never fail to make me smile. They just add so much character to the hats! I also stitched the snowflakes to look more like diamonds and embellished them with beads. I really like this alternate stitching option. It's a great way to switch up the style.

The Vintage Glass hat is also topped with a pom pom. I used the leafy medallion design and backed it with Lollipop felt. I love the peek of pink coming through the openings in the design. You can also see the new pink beads here, too (they're the ones between the leaf couplets). I used another decorative tag to dress up the Tundra cuff. This time I used the heart insert. The Cardinal touches are so great for livening up these ornaments.

And lastly, I did a Lollipop hat with a Tundra snowflake appliqué and Lagoon layers. The Keepsake Dates year fit perfectly on the cuff! I used a sprinkling of beads and a sequin to dress up the snowflake and add some shine. Even a handful of beads really sparkle when they're hanging on a Christmas tree.

I can't wait to hang these beauties this year. I've nearly outgrown my studio tree, but that's not going to slow me down! I truly enjoyed pulling the All Bundled Up Kit back out this week. It may not get tucked away quite yet. If you haven't picked up a kit for yourself, make sure to do so before the end of September!

Thank you so much for joining me today. Have a great week! I'll be seeing you again soon!


  • I have this dies set, purchased the bundle and I LOVE it so don’t know why it’s being retired. I love making them in all the different colors and there are so many variations and different stitching techniques to use on them. And the different inset dies can be used on so many different projects. I’ve given them to others as gifts and they adore them so I can see why many others still would like to have them. Nichole Spohr does a fantastic job at promoting, that is how I found your website and am happy to be a part of the Poshta Design fan club!!

    Lori Winters
  • I agree with the others…please bring this die back!

  • Just found your website after watching Nichol Spohr on you tube. I wish I could get these darling hats. Please bring them back.

    Melinda McNabb
  • Love these winter hats, bring the dies back!


    Sue Mangan

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