Easter Egg Ornaments

Good morning, everyone! We're one week away from Easter, so I thought today might be a fine time to share some last minute decor inspiration.

I felt like our Spring tree could use a few more decorations, so I put together this little set of Easter egg ornaments to fill things in a bit. All of the ornaments use the Basic Egg Die along with several of the other Egg Details dies. I worked with the In Bloom Color Story and I love how they turned out!

This ornament uses the Polka Dot Egg Details Die. I chose to dress things up with beads and sequins on each polka dot.

The next ornament incorporates the Banded Egg Details Die. I just love that peek-a-boo scalloped layer. I went with a pink tulip and embellished around the bloom with a sprinkling of beads. I also used a contrasting stitch on the white layer to coordinate with the aqua egg. I'm so happy with this one!

Next up I have a striped ornament. I used the Striped Egg Details Die to create this one. I decided to dress up the wide center stripe with some stitched Xs and sequins. It's a small detail, but it adds so much.

This next ornament uses the Filigree Egg Details Die. I used all of the layers to make it as fancy-shmancy as possible. That pop of Mixed Berry coming through the center cutout is the perfect bold touch!

And finally, I used the Embroidered Egg III Details Die to create this last ornament. I stitched the vine design, leaving the center open. I stitched a Petite Butterfly in the open space but before I did so, I stitched a simple freehand design on the wings. I also dressed up the vine stitching with beads to give the ornament a little more sparkle.

These ornaments add so much cheer to our Spring tree. Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful week and a very happy Easter! 


  • Beautiful eggs! I love the butterfly on an egg and the sequins on the polka dots, great ideas. I wanted to make a garland of eggs, but didn’t get to it, maybe I will for next year, now I have additional ideas for eggs! I loved making a Valentine garland with your dies in February. I love, love how you mix and match dies! Keep the ideas and dies coming!

  • The eggs are so pretty! I’ve had so much fun stitching your Easter collection! What are you using for the antennae for the butterflies? I have searched craft stores for stamens and even fine wire but can’t find anything. ’Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    Suzanne C

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