August 2023 Release Details and FAQ


Hey, everyone! I understand that a whole lot of information has been shared in the past few days, so I wanted to give a CliffsNotes version here in case anyone would find that helpful.

Where do I shop?

When is the release?
The release is Saturday, August 19th at Noon Eastern time.

What new products are being released and how much are they?
From Day 1:

Autumn Apple Die (retails for $38)
Includes nine dies. The fully assembled apple (with leaf) measures 3 ⅛” wide by 3¾” tall. The candy apple on a stick measures 3” wide by just over 4¾” tall.

Mighty Acorn Die (retails for $32)
Includes four dies. The fully assembled acorn measures 3 ½” wide by 4 ⅛” tall. The oak leaf measures 2” wide by 3” long.

Statement Alphabet Dies
Dies sold individually or in a full alphabet (the full alphabet comes in a mesh zipper pouch). The letters all measure 4 ½” tall. The widths measure between 2 ⅝” and 4 ⅝”. Please note: The M and W in this font are interchangeable, so there is just one die to represent both letters.

Full Alphabet $375

A $14

B $17

C $17

D $20

E $17

F $14

G $20

H $20

I $14

J $14

K $17

L $14

M/W $20

N $20

O $20

P $14

Q $20

R $17

S $17

T $14

U $20

V $14

X $20

Y $14

Z $17

By The Bushel Color Story
 (retails for $53)

Scenic Route Color Story 
(retails for $53)

Ochre Felt 
(retails for $6.75)
5"x36" roll

From Day 2:

Poison Apple Details Die (retails for $20)
Includes two dies. The poison apple layer measures 3⅛” wide by 3” tall.

Gingerbread Friends: Skeleton Details Die (retails for $18)
Includes eight dies. The fully assembled gingerbread/skeleton people are 4 ¼” tall by about 3 ¼” wide.

Eerie Apothecary Die (retails for $32)
Includes sixteen dies. The largest, angled bottle (with stopper) measures 2½” wide by 4 ⅝” tall. The rounded bottle (with cork) measures 2” wide by 3⅜” tall. The squared off bottle (with stopper) measures 1⅞” wide by 4⅛” tall.

Trick Or Treat Color Story
(retails for $53)

From Day 3:

Sewing Kit Essentials: Needle Book Die
 (retails for $50)
Includes sixteen dies. The fully assembled needle book (when folded) measures 3” wide by 3½” tall.

Sewing Kit Essentials: Scissor Keeper Die (retails for $18)
Includes five dies. The fully assembled scissor keeper measures 3 ½” wide by 5½” long.

Sewing Kit Essentials: Thread Bobbin Die (retails for $6)
Includes two dies. The fully assembled thread bobbin (with inner core) measures 1⅜” wide by 2⅛” tall.

Sewing Kit Essentials: Floss Drop Die (retails for $4)
Includes one die. The floss drop measures just over 1½” wide by 1¾” tall.


How about some more FAQs!

What if everything else sells out?
It will all be restocked as soon as possible. There will not be a preorder for the individual dies or Color Stories. I will send a newsletter when everything is available again. If you want to be notified of a restock, please sign up for our newsletter. You can do that on our homepage in the bottom right corner.

Do you take backorders or have a waiting list?
No, but you can sign up for our newsletter list to receive restock notifications.

Are there videos for all of the new products?
No. With very rare exception I only produce instructional videos for the large kits. It's one of the ways we differentiate between the stand-alone dies and the value in a kit. Many of the stand-alone dies do include an Inspiration Guide with design ideas and/or diagrams though.

A die I ordered says it comes with a video, but I didn't get my access email.
In order for the access emails to deliver properly you have to be signed up for the newsletter. If you aren't subscribed or if it still didn't come through, please email customer service for assistance. Please note: there is a delay on responses right now, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

When are giveaway winners announced?
Tomorrow morning at 9am ET there will be a blog post announcing winners and sharing a bit more inspiration. Winners must contact customer service to claim their prize (within 30 days).

Will the retired kits be restocked?
We do not have any plans to restock the retired items at this time. The current kits will be restocked as soon as we have all of the elements back in stock. The current kits are All Bundled Up (retires at the end of September 2023) and Keepsake Ornaments II (retires at the end of June 2024).

I forgot something I wanted to order. Can you add it?
If you forgot something from your order you're going to have to order it separately. I'm afraid I cannot add something for you after checkout. For your safety and mine, I do not have access to your payment information. I do my best to combine orders and refund shipping, but if enough time has lapsed between orders I may not catch the subsequent order(s).

How long will it take my order to ship?
I do everything I can to get orders out the door as quickly as possible, but I am only one lady so please be patient. I'm anticipating having everything shipped out by mid-week. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to I am doing my best to respond in a timely manner, but there is a delay right now. Thank you for understanding!


  • Today is the day! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things to be made with these new dies. Lizzie, you are so creative! Thanks for sharing your talents!!🍎🪡🧵

    Kim E
  • Love this release wish I could get it all. Love the letters and that acorn

    Jessica Monte
  • Those gingerbread skeletons!! SO clever!! :)

    Teresa C
  • This is such a gorgeous release! So hard to decide which items I have to have! Thanks for all you do to bring us these beautiful products!

    Anne Smith
  • Love those skeletons and apothacarie jars!!! Can’t wait to get these! All of your products are just great. Right now I’m teaching my granddaughter to stitch some of the Christmas ornaments!! How fun!

    Sandy Anderson

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