A Bit of News and a Sneak Peek!

Good morning, friends! It's been a long time, but that's just because we've been working so, so hard to make the next few months truly celebratory. We have some news to share though before we get caught up in all the hoopla (but be sure to read through to the end to see a sneak peek of what's to come).

Let's begin by ripping off the bandaid. In the past several months the price of nearly everything has increased in a way that we cannot continue to absorb. We've delayed adjusting our prices as long as we can, but unfortunately, that's no longer sustainable. As a result, the prices on our felt and Color Stories will be changing and we just wanted to be upfront about that. The individual rolls of felt will now retail for $6.75 each for the solids and $8.75 each for the patterns. The Color Stories (felt, thread, and embellishment kit) will retail for $53. There will not be a change to the Homespun Holiday: Cozy Cocoa Kit at this time (a gentle reminder, this kit retires on September 30, 2022).

Now some good news!

So many of you have inquired about our Elegance Color Story over the past year. After many months of waiting, we'll finally have these back in stock this weekend! They will be restocked at the same time as the new items we have coming your way and will be a regular part of the lineup in the months to come.

We've also made a minor change to the Merry & Bright Color Story.

After a dye lot change, the original metallic green sequin no longer coordinated with our Peridot felt. So we did some searching and found a sequin that is the same color, but has some iridescence and is just slightly less opaque. Like I said, not a huge change, but we didn't want anyone to be surprised if they bought a second Color Story.

And now for the best news of all...we're having a special Christmas In July release this Saturday (7/2) at Noon ET! Introductory posts will start tomorrow, so be sure to come back at 9am for a closer look at what we have coming your way! In the meantime, how about a sneak peek?!

Thank you for checking in today. We hope to see you tomorrow as we kick off this sweet release!


  • Hooray, so excited! Hope you can help me. I did not receive an email about this new release until yesterday, which means I missed out on this post, June 30th and July 1st. I checked my spam folder to make sure updates weren’t going there by mistake. Is there anything I can do to be sure to receive all blog post updates?

    Laura A Corkill
  • These are so cute!

  • Love all the darling details! So exciting ❤️

    Andreea Raghina
  • Great job Lizzy can’t wait to everything.

    Michele Hogarth
  • So excited about the Gingerbread House!! And that I can get an early start!!!

    Miriam Leech

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